Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Deal of The Week!

Thank you Katie for mentioning our "Deal of the Week" campaign in your wonderful blog, www.katie-d-i-d.blogspot.com

Check out Katie's blog but be prepared to get "hooked," it's full of great information and gorgeous inspirational photographs.

In case you missed it... here it is.
House Beautiful and the Tonic Home Deal

House Beautiful

Some of you may remember this image from House Beautiful and were thinking how cool the chandelier was. How it sort of made the room complete. I got another reminder when looking at emails this morning.

Tonic Home has been sending out their "Deal of the Week" newsletter lately with some pretty great stuff. And you know I am all about good stuff. This chandelier is from Curry and Company and normally retails for $1750. Tonic's deal price is $875. Not bad. So for those of you who just happen to be needing that Oyster Chandelier, high-tail it on over.

I am sure there will be more great new deals in coming weeks...so you might want to sign up for that Tonic Home Newsletter.


Each Week, Tonic Home will offer a wonderful product at a big-time discount. It's our way of offering special savings on special items, and to say thank you to our loyal customers. So get in the loop, and sign up for Tonic Tuesday and be a part of the "inner circle" who gets the goods for less.

The Specials will not be posted on the website, you have to sign up for the newsletter to receive an email notifying you of the secret deal every Tuesday morning.

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