Saturday, May 16, 2009


We are thrilled to share photos from one of our all time favorite interior designers, Amanda Nisbet. Her style is top-of-the-line chic, and right up our alley. We love how she pairs colors and mixes the modern with the traditional. Amanda was nice enough to let us showcase her work throughout our website to help everyday people like you and me get ideas on how to make our homes fabulous. How lucky are we? Here are few of our favorites spaces, that happen to feature one of our favorite vendors, Oly Studio.

(Vincent Floor Lamp - Oly Studio)

(Serena Drum Chandeliers - Oly Studio)

(Jackson Chest of Drawers -enamel white, Clyde Mirror - frost white)

(Coral Side Chairs -Antique White -Raffia Upholstery - Oly Studio)

Amanda Nisbet, who is based in New York City, has been featured on and in all the major home decor magazines. For more on Amanda's work go to

For Oly products go to Contact for pricing.

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Katherine Lee said...

Those are absolutely beautiful! Thanks so much for letting us all know about her talent. Hope all is well!
xo Katherine aka. Urban Flea :)

TonicHome said...

Thanks for the comment. I know, Amanda Nesbit has exquisite taste. I love all her work.