Thursday, July 19, 2007

Organic and Natual Takes Center Stage in Home Decor

Natural and Sleek: A Winning Combination!
As the world gets more chaotic and frightening, many are seeking calmness and tranquility in their homes. A growing trend this season continues to be organic and natural products to help keep us grounded. And nothing looks better with virtually every style of home decor than natural wood. As we noticed at the Atlanta Market, the key this season is to mix it up with wood tones, textures and shapes.

From coffee tables, side tables and decorative accents; wood is everywhere, and the chunkier the better.

Driftwood, limed oak, pine; it can all work together in one space. But if you don't want to start completely over and just want a touch of wood, try these solid decorative balls for a lonely corner or in a foyer.

Even "tree trunk" lighting is taking root in home design, like this lamp from Arteriors (32 h). The best part about the organic vibe is it goes with all styles of decor; contrast it with metal and mirrors, and now you've got instant high style!

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franki durbin said...

I'm normally not one for 'tree stumps' - but these are gorgeous organic pieces. It is amazing how these pieces retain their chic factor during just about every decorating era. I've seen it mixed with mod very ingeniously.

nice array of products!