Saturday, August 18, 2007

Mod Metal for High Voltage Shine

From silver, to chrome,
to polished aluminum, the latest look in home decor is a shot of shimmer and shine.

Accessories like these make it easy to modernize your look. This wonderful polished aluminum round side table does the trick. Mix it with wood, cow hide rugs, or soft fabrics, the jolt of shimmer makes it very "today."

For a bolder and more whimsical approach, check out this "new" take an old-fashioned hunt trophy. The aluminum cow head is definitely larger than life.

Lighting is another great place to pump up the shimmer volume. This super shiny pendent is a must have for a kitchen or dining area. The mirror shade with delicate glass beads peaking from underneath is truly glam-tastic.

For a kitchen island, this oval glass beaded chandelier with sheer black fabric is a real showstopper.

Furniture with metal embellishments like this studded ottoman is a hot look, too.

...Just a few ideas to get you going and give you inspiration. Now let's get decorating! All items sold at Click for more details.

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