Thursday, November 29, 2007

Bold Mary

Meet Augusta McDonald (left), founder and creator of Bold Mary. Such a fun lady to know! If you haven't heard of Bold Mary, you must check out the website.
Augusta has designed an expressive line of skirts, capes, crowns and accessories aimed at imaginative girls of all ages.

August says that she noticed the girls would magically transform when they would wear one of these audaciuos creations.
Here at Tonic Home, we are all about things that transform our lives and make us happy. So, thank you Augusta for showing us how to be sassy!

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Leigh said...

Love Bold Mary!

Anonymous said...

I love Bold Mary! I think she has the most original dress up gear out there. My daughter's best friend recently wore one of Bold Mary's skirts to a birthday party - she looked so bright and festive. Forget the princess costumes and be one of a kind!

Anonymous said...

Love bold mary! Bought my first hoop skirt last year at Tampa Junior League's holiday gift mart....this year I bought another one for my 4 year old! They both love her clothes...they love to sashay, twill and this is perfect for the girly girl who loves to be a princess! I have had people walk across the room to ask me where I got that adorable skirt!