Sunday, February 24, 2008

Cheryl and Steven Ward - West Dundee Illinois

Top Picks from Hyde Park Art Festival -
Cheryl and Steven Ward, an "artist couple" from West Dundee, Illinois caught our eye with their abstract images and organic art. Here are a few of our favorites.
Steven enjoys geometry in motion or the more abstract side of things. He was influenced by his architect father and the very modern home in which he grew up. Most of his painting are acrylic on canvas using a pallet knife.
Cheryl and Steve Ward above - you can reach them at for more information or simply visit their website
This one above is really what caught our eye originally. These are cattail reeds they have collected in the area where they live. Cheryl states that the collecting and cutting of the reeds is the hard part. Painting them hundreds of colors and then selecting a color group is the fun part. Above is "charcoal", but check their website for more color ways in green, red, blue and yellow.
The "Yellow Abstract" above was also captivating with it's deep, vivid colors. It's size is 30" x 40" and only $800.
This duo travels every weekend to different shows around the US. Check their schedule to see if they will be in your area.

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