Thursday, February 7, 2008

Chinese New Year

Happy Chinese New Year! Today is the most important of the traditional Chinese holidays, so we thought it would be appropriate to show off some beautiful decor that nods to the Chinese style. Which are your favorites?
I think it has to be the Foo Dog Lamps for me! I get inspired everytime I look at them. For more inspiration today, check out my friend's website for all the cool "Asian-inspired" picks for children.
Celebrate today and find something to inspire you!

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design for mankind. said...

I LOVE this!!! :)

nina said...

I've got to say I love the Foo dog lamps. I know it's tradition to clean your home for the Chinese new year - wouldn't it make sense to decorate it too?

Patricia Gray said...

These are all such beautiful pieces!

Topsy Turvy said...

All great pieces! Chinoiserie blends so well with other styles. Lana

dianamuse said...

Oh, I love the crowded, jigsaw-puzzle-close arrangement of photos in that top image. Great post with wonderful picks. (Thanks for stopping by my place.)