Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Fourhands partners with The Miracle Foundation

Isn't it great to go shopping and know that you are doing something really worthwhile besides making your home wonderful? Here is a story that makes it all more exciting! Fourhands (one of our fabulous manufacturers) and The Miracle Foundation, from Austin, TX, have partnered in their effort to help improve the lives of orphans in India.
Together they will create an "ideal village" orphanage that provides a community-style living environment for orphaned children in Jodhpur, India.
There are currently 25 million orphans in India, and Fourhands is working hard to help support and nurture them, one child at a time.
So start shopping and you can contribute to the effort of Fourhands. See below for just a few of their products that are carried at Tonic Home.

Help support the efforts!

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All Things Bright and Beautiful... said...

It is s god to see things like this a. being done b. being promoted - good on you tonic home, may they raise enough funds because people contributed because you told us :-)

TonicHome said...

Fourhands really is a great company that is always in the news about something worthwhile they are doing. I love hearing about companies like that. It's inspiring really!