Thursday, April 24, 2008

Kumo Hollywood Restaurant - Los Angeles

The place for power dining in LA is Kumo, the Michael Ovitz's restaurant offering a Japanese menu with European decor. The white interior with chrome and leather attract us with it's sleek and clean lines. Really love those hanging bead dividers and how they graduate in size.
(photo courtesy of Elle Decor magazine)
But what attracts us the most, are the light fixtures. The glass bubbles suspended from their chrome plate remind us of our own Bubbles Chandelier, featured below.One of our favorite light fixtures, the Bubbles infuses much personality to a room. You can have power dining in your home and don't need to be on Melrose Avenue.

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Urban Flea said...

Gorgeous!! Thank you soooo much for the add, and check out my post on Tonic Home! Keep spreading the Urban Flea gospel!
xo Katherine aka. Urban Flea :)

TonicHome said...

Thanks for the post on Tonic Home - Urban Flea is new favorite blog!

diana @ please sir said...

Lovely lamp - so neat!

TonicHome said...

Hi Diana,
This light is to die for really! Pictures just don't even do it justice. It's one of those "wow" pieces when you need one.

Thanks for visiting - love your blog as well, and added you to our list of blogs.

Hope you will visit again!

Alkemie said...

Tonic, thanks for coming by and leaving such a nice comment! The restaurant looks amazing!