Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Annechovie - Home Portrait Commission

We've just learned that Anne over at Annechovie is doing home portrait commissions now.
Look at this one below that she did for the editor of Daily Candy.
The owner's baby is in the carriage in the foreground, isn't that darling. Anne does homes, vacation homes, pets or whatever your favorite subject happens to be. Wouldn't it be fun to have her do something to put on your Holiday cards? Contact Anne for more info.

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please sir said...

Wow - these are lovely - what a special touch to any home!

Topsy Turvy said...

Hi Wendy! I just learned that Annechovie lives in Sarasota. Guess I'm the last to know! How's your pool coming?


TonicHome said...

Lana, I think we should make a trip to go and see Anne (Annechovie). We could have a blogger luncheon!

Pool is coming along, thanks for asking. We should be swimming by August. You will have to come over and give me your designers eye on how to decorate the outdoors.