Monday, July 28, 2008

In Style Magazine Personal Style Test

One of my favorite things to do is to take one of those "Personality-style tests". How fun to answer questions and find out what the pros have to say about your overall style, personality or decor.
While perusing the July issue of In Style magazine, we discovered their "Personal Style Test" and couldn't resist taking a peek at it.
And what did we find as we were answering their questions? Question #19 (shown above) asks what "your backside prefers..." and wouldn't you know, one of the seating choices was our very own Chloe Side Chair from Bungalow 5. We knew right away that we had to immediately skip to the answer, right?
So if you decide to take the test also and have such style as those of us at Tonic Home, then your test will determine that you are a "C" or "The Sophisticate". Of course, what else could we possibly be!
Intrigued? Here are the details for the "Sophisticate" - Feminine but not frilly, seductive but not showy, you live for luxury but are allergic to bling. Grace Kelly is your ideal, and Michael Kors, Ralph Lauren and Carolina Herrera are your sartorial guardian angels.
continued...."Your friends so admire your impeccable taste they won't even buy a bottle of wine without consulting you first. There is a reason - you never miss." Now the next time they make these tests - we are hoping that when the question asks "What is your favorite go-to website", that one of the choices is Tonic Home. How about it?

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