Thursday, August 21, 2008

Amie's Happy Chic Home is a Winner

We were so excited to hear from Tonic Home shopper Amie and about the recent contest she has entered. has teamed up with Jonathan Adler and created the "Happy Chic Home" contest.
Readers are invited to submit photos of their homes that they feel represent a happy and chic style. Tonic Home shopper Amie submitted pictures of her home and was chosen as Submission #3. We are so excited for Amie and are thrilled to see some of our very own products in the photos!
Over on the right of the bed, by the window, can be found the Jacqui 3-Drawer Chest from Bungalow 5. Such a great choice for this bedroom and the color really adds that touch of happy that the judges are looking for. We are loving that wallpaper and those drapes! What a great combination that shows real personality. This photo is not on the contest site, but one we had from Amie. Here you can see the Jacqui Chest a little better. What a fun piece of furniture, that really holds it's own in this fantastic room. Can I come and visit Amie? Of course, this is the room that I would like to stay in.
The photo above shows the Jenson Brass Wall Lamp in Amie's dining area. Such a stylish and smart choice of lighting that doesn't take up precious space, yet provides just the right amount of illumination for this intimate room. The touch of whimsy found in the arch of the arm plays right into the design on the backs of the iron chairs. So our vote is that #3 is the winner! We aren't biased at all, we just know great design. Good Luck Amie!

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SimplyGrove said...


TonicHome said...

It really is gorgeous! Hope she wins!

Alkemie said...

What a Fun Home!!

TonicHome said...

I know! I love all the color and can only imagine the rest of the house being just as lively.