Sunday, August 3, 2008

Ann Sacks Tile - a History of Beauty

Anyone who has done a bathroom or kitchen renovation in the past 20 years or so, knows Ann Sacks Tile extremely well. This is the tile company we turn to when we want something different and truly fantastic. Am I right?
photo above from Jim Clark - Portland Tribune
In 1980, while shopping for a wedding dress, Ann Sacks discovered a box of Mexican Talavera tiles being sold as trivets. These tiles inspired her to start her own company. After 28 years, the journey has gone from trivets to becoming the industry leading provider of luxury tile, stone and plumbing. All we can say is, thank goodness she went shopping for that wedding dress!
Take one look at the Ann Sacks website and you will be there for hours. After finding bathroom after bathroom that I was certain was the "look for me", I finally decided that I love them all and favorites should be shared. Above is "Aria" on the left and "Profile" on the right. I think Profile would be a great look in a guest bath and I like Aria for my master bath.
These two above are both Erin Adams - left is "Mosaic" and right is "Triple Basketweave". The designs are mesmerizing and the varying colors in each, make them chic and sophisticated.
Another Mosaic on the left, this one is "Cartman Border" and the right is "Beaulieu". The Grey Mix on the right and that steam shower just scream to be installed in a top Day Spa.
"Selvaggio" mosaic on the left and "Selene" slab on the right. They are all inspiring, how do you choose? Ann Sacks asks the question, "How do you want your bathroom to feel?" It's the question that lies at the very heart of what they do. Since everyone has a different answer to that question, it's a good thing they have created many beautiful designs. For extreme tile design fulfillment, I highly recommend For extreme home decor fulfillment, I highly recommend Both are addictive!

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Alkemie said...

WOW, what beautiful bathrooms! Great inspiration!

TonicHome said...

The Ann Sacks website is all inspiring. I was surprised at how many "room scenes" they have to view the tiles they sell. A lot of other sites tend to only show the tile and you have to imagine what they might look like, but being able to see them in various settings is so helpful.

Jessica @ The Love List said...

beautiful! I had never heard of her before - thanks for sharing!

TonicHome said...

Jessica, you are in for a treat then! Just check out their photos of kitchens using their exquisite tiles.

Jessica @ The Love List said...

well thank you for all the kind words over at my blog, and thanks for adding me to your blogroll. I've returned the favor - keep me updated about store happenings, I'd love to do some posts about y'all!

Topsy Turvy said...

Hi Wendy! Still looking for tile? :)


TonicHome said...

Thanks for the reminder! I'll do a blog on Nina soon. She really has the most beautiful pieces to choose from. Now I'm getting everyone interested. More to come.... Lunch soon?

SimplyGrove said...

What amazing bathrooms and tiles!!!! Great eye candy!