Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Oliveira Textile Pillows at Tonic Home

We've blogged about this dynamic company before & are happy to announce that Oliveira Textiles has a pillow line that can be purchased at Tonic Home!!!The "Ocean Collection" features appealing prints in colors like Ultramarine, Seaweed and Crimson. The names alone evoke images of colorful accessories that need to find a place in our homes.
You might also be familiar with this company, since they were recently featured in Domino magazine. Clearly Domino knows how to spot a great company when they see them.
Here at Tonic Home, we have been enamored with this company, mainly because of their desire and example t0 produce the next generation of organic textiles for a healthy home. But who can resist the beautiful images you see here.
The fabric for all of the pillows uses a ground cloth of Chinese hemp and an organic cotton/hemp supplied by a US wholesaler, who is importing from a certified organic production center in Turkey.
Shown above are sisters Dawn Oliveira and Deborah Olson, who say that their "greening"efforts stem from several family illnesses that could not be sourced, motivating them to eliminate and reduce toxic processes in their products.
The "Anemone" design, shown above, uses low-impact, water-based, high light-fast, heavy-metal free, pigment dyes and is printed in a New England Mill.

All pillows offered are 20" squares and include Feather/Down inserts, use 100% organic cotton thread and a recycled and nickle-free zipper.
Jump on the "wave" and enhance your home with an organic option!

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annechovie said...

Great looking designs!Love the clean look of them!

TonicHome said...

I love their clean look also. Kind of goes with the organic quality. Thanks for stopping by!