Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Coffee Table Favorites

House Beautiful magazine recently compiled a group of favorite coffee tables that included the Klysmos from Worlds Away. We were delighted to see this beautiful table included in their lineup.
This little photo got us looking at all of the coffee tables at Tonic Home and we couldn't resist coming up with our favorites. Here are 4 options that we think you might like too.

We seem partial to the rectangular and circular shapes, as they provide the most coverage and are easy to work into most rooms.
The Klysmos (shown above) is gold leafed and actually quite over sized. Measurements are 44" wide. We love that, because there are settings where you really need a big table to fill a room. This ones does the trick. The curve of those legs is very luxurious.
We also picked the Malcolm Iron Coffee Table from Arteriors Home. This round and simple design is just an easy pick. Solid and smooth, the finish is such, that it can work in several environments. For instance, it would be perfect in a family room where you often have kids and adults needing an extra seat. The Malcolm can take the action of a busy room and still look great.
The Chelsea from Worlds Away has been around for a while and continues to be a favorite among Tonic Home shoppers. The versatility is evident. Extra seating, lush fabric, comfy foot stool - it might be our top pick for the most useful coffee table.
Finally the Treillage Coffee Table from Worlds Away has so much star quality, it's glamour has impact. Designed for chic living, the gold leaf finish makes a statement on it's own. So what do you think? Which would be your favorite?

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