Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Annechovie rendering for Tonic Home

So all of you know how much we adore Anne Harwell over at Annechovie, as we have blogged about her before, see past blogs here. Well we have been so taken with her talent, that we commissioned Anne to do a rendering of the Tonic Home storefront.
Here it is and we love it!
Just so we have a frame of reference, above is the photo that we sent her. Looks really great, right! She brightened up the colors and gave it a whimsical feel. Using the image she created, Anne printed up note cards for us to use for correspondence and stickers for our website packaging.
Whether you have a business or just want a rendering of your home, you need to talk to Anne (anneharwell@hotmail.com). She's fast and really easy to work with. Thank you Anne!

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Itty Bitty Ladybug said...

Love it! I need to place an order so I can see your new cards and stickers!

TonicHome said...

Definitely! You should check out our sale page. Lots of great stuff!

Alkemie said...

Oh WOW, her handiwork is totally fab as always. What a great idea to have her illustrate your store front! Love it!



TonicHome said...

We love the drawing of the store so much. I'm thinking of asking her to do my house. Might be my Christmas present to myself!