Sunday, February 15, 2009

Putting on the Glitz!

Okay, this is one of the wildest and most spectacular dining room's we've every seen. Guess where it was? Bergdorf Goodman, 7th floor, of course!

The Mongolian fur chairs (I think that's the fur) with their metal legs were killer. Love the horns on the clear glass tabletop, too. The entire display oozed high style. It just made me want to sit down in one of those plush chairs and host a private dinner party overlooking Manhattan. (Dream on!).

On a recent trip to market in New York, we made our bi-annual visit to Bergdorf's for lunch at BG Restaurant (also on the 7th floor), designed by one of our favorites, the renowned Kelly Wearstler. Sipping champaign, eating lobster salad and admiring all the great design details, I have to admit is my idea of the perfect Saturday afternoon. Those huge metal ceiling lights are spectacular.
Then we wandered over to J crew. I couldn't get myself to leave this wonderful black and
white cabana striped bathroom. The art was even cute, framed so simply. I may start framing my 6-year-old's work to resemble these. The entire store, as tiny as it was, shouted class and style, from the display wall, to the light fixtures. The one below was in the bathroom!

And how about the herringbone light wood floors? I like how they toned down the black and white backdrop of the store. A great idea to file away for future use.

Hmmm, it makes me like our Mackayle light even more. I picture it hanging in a bathroom as a ceiling light or over a glass dining room table top. Now we just need to re-create those fur chairs.

 Go to for details on the light above or click here.

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