Thursday, February 19, 2009


Wake up your walls...with oversized murals.

We love how they create more impact than ordinary wallpaper and make you feel like you stepped onto a movie set.

These wonderful photos are courtesy of "Elle Decor," and the murals featured here most likely cost a fortune. But we have good news...we found a more economical alternative.
Thanks to a commercial project we are working on, we stumbled upon a fantastic company in the UK that produces custom murals (see a few samples below). Roughly $150 per square meter, which is still less expensive than handpainted murals or large fine art.

They have all sorts of designs that could work in a residential or commercial setting, plus you can customizie to fit your wall. Modern or traditional...the choice is yours. for more examples and to see how they look covering an entire wall. Sold to the trade only, but we're happy to help you order.

Imagine "the birds" covering a huge wall in a modern office lobby or an Alphabet mural by Edward Lear in a nursery or children's room, we love the whale.

The horse overized on a huge wall would look pretty cool too!

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