Thursday, January 24, 2008

Modern Mums

I''ve recently come across a wonderful site that must be shared, called Modern Mums.

Love their tagline - "progressive parenting for modern moms". Now that speaks to me.

Take a look at "Deana's Dish" - a new blog on the site that gives tips on everything from where to get the "best chocolate chip cookies" to where to get the "best jeans", and most importantly, where to go for the "best in decorating". Her first blog lists none other than Tonic Home as a home furnishing source that puts a smile on her face. Thanks Deana! Such a complement.
So in the spirit of giving "modern mums" tips on easy decorating, here is my first suggestion. You must have one of these delightful metal pieces for your wall.
That's right - it is a wall photo/card holder for all of those birth announcements, wedding announcements, birthday party invites, photos of everyone's kids, you get the point....Stylish and surely beats the boring bulletin board, right! Only $25 - can't go wrong with that.

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1 comment:

cc said...

I love it! I'm going to get one for my daughter's room - so she will have a place to display pictures of her friends and birthday party invitations AND one for the kitchen. Thanks for a fun design tip that helps simplify my life in a beautiful and decorative way.