Monday, January 28, 2008

Romantic Mirrors

I was just reading one of my favorite blogs the other day called Dose of Design.
They did an interesting article about "romantic mirrors" and their allure. I had to piggy-back on that article a bit, because I too really love these types of mirrors. You really can't just walk by them without stopping to admire their beauty. In fact, they are so interesting, you sometimes forget to actually look in the mirror!
Here are a few of my favorite at Tonic Home.

Venetian Mirror is always a classic.
Gold Venetian Mirror is modern with an edge.
Rococo in White looks like cake frosting!
Black Venetian is very dramatic.
Corner of the Hand Cut Glass Mirror shows the details of each specifically shaped mirror piece. The amount of detail in this mirror is breathtaking.
Reflection is a bonus with these pieces of wall art.

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1 comment:

Patricia Gray said...

All these mirrors are beautiful, but esp the Venetian Gold!