Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Coral design

The life of the coral continues to inspire the design world. What is it about the spiky tendrils that keep us focused on where they show up?

It's popular natural and varied form spring to life in chic home decor.
Vibrant in color, are the Red Coral Guest Towels from Dermond Peterson. The crisp and strong hue of the linen hand towel is luxurious in feel.
Also from Dermond Peterson, we love the Black Coral Pillow. Continuing with the sealife feel, these square throw pillows make a statement.

Best for last - The natural Malaya Table Lamp from Arteriors Home. Soft shades of silver and grey zinc suit any room that wants organic and glam at the same time.

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diana @ please sir said...

These are so fun - love the corals!

SimplyGrove said...

Love all the coral!! Put me in the summer mood!

Mademoiselle Frou-Frou said...

i just bought THE most perfect lamp from your store (the paisley lamp by Arteriors Home)...i am happy to finally purchase something from your lovely shop!!!

TonicHome said...

Mademoiselle frou-frou - You are going to love the Paisley Lamp! It's one of my favorites of all times! By the way, love your shop, just looked you up on line. Thanks for supporting Tonic Home!