Friday, June 6, 2008

iGoogle - New Artist Themes

Sometimes it's the little things that make your day, right? That is how I felt when I came across these new iGoogle themes yesterday. (Sidenote: "Theme" is the design at the top of your personalized iGoogle page.) The new "Artists Themes" are available for everyone and include some designs that are very stylish. No longer do we have to choose from flying squares and mundane space photos - how about a chic print from the likes of Tory Burch and Diane Von Furstenberg, just to name a few.
Simply click the photos that you like in this blog and you will be taken to the exact page for downloading. There you select the "add it now" button and you too can have these inspiring looks added to your very own iGoogle homepage.
These first three are all Tory Burch designs and will rotate at the top of your screen. It's so wonderful!!! Tory Burch is the founder and creator of these bold prints with bright colors.
Tonic Home owners are big fans of anything Tory Burch, so this was a gadget that had to be shared.
How about these from Diane Von Furstenberg?
Above and below are classics from the founder of a premier global luxury lifestyle brand.
The kelly green print is one of my all time favorites. Wait - I think I have this dress, no wonder I like it!
Above is from Australian designer Akira Isogawa. Internationally recognized for his contemporary designs, the red and black coloring caught my eye.
Artists will love this last one from Dale Chihuly. A revolutionary of the Studio Glass movement, this theme has lots of movement. Whatever your interest, check out all the designs and find one to "decorate" your computer. It just might make your day!

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Marie Louise said...

Love the last one with the Chihuly sculpture. We have a theater nearby that has a huge piece of his suspended from the ceiling. They hold various events in the space and it is absolutely beautiful.

TonicHome said...

That must be amazing to see in person. I can only imagine the impact to view it suspended from the ceiling.

Since this post was done, iGoogle has added even more artists theme. I think it's such a great little feature they have. There are some from Oscar de la Renta and Dolce & Gabbana. The list goes on of really wonderful designs.

EvesApples said...

I LOVE your website! Dale Chihuly is an amazing artist and humanitarian. He used to donate a large glass piece at a museum I worked at each year to raise money for the arts. His glass work is gorgeous online and absolutely stunning in person!

Keep up the good work!