Thursday, June 5, 2008

Wedding Season in Boca Grande Florida

Wedding Season is upon us, that is clear! With all the invitations coming in the mail, I had to get them all organized. Wouldn't want to overbook, right? Thank goodness for my metal wall photo holder. This creative accessory allows me to put all invites and photos up, so I can see them at once. Best of all, I don't have to worry about poking a hole in them with those pesky bulletin boards.
So with Wedding Season here in full force, it's hard not to think about, and look for, all of the lovely places around to get married. While on a trip to Boca Grande, Florida, my family came across the historic church, Our Lady of Mercy Parish. I just had to stop and do a little dreaming.
Built in 1950, this quaint building has no doubt been a memorable place for many bride and grooms on their special day. Families have gathered here and shared many wonderful moments.
Featuring a courtyard fountain, this setting is perfect for all of those pictures that will be taken. Wouldn't it also be a great place to get engaged?

Take the stroll down the aisle....for those of us in the design industry, we can't help but notice all of the architectural details.
Had to get a shot of the ceiling and look at the tiny round window at the top.
Love the "star-looking" lights in the back...and those doors! Wonder if I can get those for my house? Sisal carpets are even functional in a church.
Another shot of the doors from the outside. What an exit that would make! With all of this wedding talk, I should probably at least give you a few ideas for wedding presents. Here are a few of the most popular items that we have noticed being sent to the happy couple.
Lion Medallion Glasses - set of 4 glasses are a hit with the guys! 22K Metalic Gold on these glasses makes them a classic gift for anyone.
Crystal Petal Napkin Ring holders are always in style and add sparkle to the dining table. Everyone can pick their favorite color with an assorted set.
The Hobbs vase is a sure winner. Not certain what their "colors" are? Don't worry, this textured vase in white goes with everything, and will hold the beautiful flowers that the thoughtful groom is sure to bring home daily. I love this time of year!

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Anonymous said...

This is my all time favorite post -I had to de-lurk to let you know how wonderful it was! Thanks for the fabulous wedding gift ideas and the Boca Grande tour. Happy birthday Tonic Home!


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Topsy Turvy said...

Nice pics, Wendy - and I love those glasses!