Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Fourhands partners with The Miracle Foundation

Isn't it great to go shopping and know that you are doing something really worthwhile besides making your home wonderful? Here is a story that makes it all more exciting! Fourhands (one of our fabulous manufacturers) and The Miracle Foundation, from Austin, TX, have partnered in their effort to help improve the lives of orphans in India.
Together they will create an "ideal village" orphanage that provides a community-style living environment for orphaned children in Jodhpur, India.
There are currently 25 million orphans in India, and Fourhands is working hard to help support and nurture them, one child at a time.
So start shopping and you can contribute to the effort of Fourhands. See below for just a few of their products that are carried at Tonic Home.

Help support the efforts!

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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Kumo Hollywood Restaurant - Los Angeles

The place for power dining in LA is Kumo, the Michael Ovitz's restaurant offering a Japanese menu with European decor. The white interior with chrome and leather attract us with it's sleek and clean lines. Really love those hanging bead dividers and how they graduate in size.
(photo courtesy of Elle Decor magazine)
But what attracts us the most, are the light fixtures. The glass bubbles suspended from their chrome plate remind us of our own Bubbles Chandelier, featured below.One of our favorite light fixtures, the Bubbles infuses much personality to a room. You can have power dining in your home and don't need to be on Melrose Avenue.

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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Viceroy Santa Monica - Kelly Wearstler

The Modern Experience of Timeless Polish and Sophistication - so goes the ad for the Viceroy resorts and residences in Santa Monica, California. Kelly Wearstler is one of our all time favorite designers and we love what she has done with this hotel. If you don't have plans yet for Mother's Day, visiting the Viceroy should be on the list.
Empire Suites - love the black and yellow combination.

Grande Rooms - who doesn't love the green.
Monarch Suites - I'm bringing all of my magazines & not getting out of this bed.
Reminds me of our King Charles Spaniel Bookends....
Viceroy Room - pure luxury

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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Tommi Parzinger - Antique vs New

It's always fun to find vintage pieces from great designers such as Tommi Parzinger (1903-1972). This 4-door commode was sold recently on Ist Dibs and isn't it beautiful!
The black lacquer cabinet is a Parzinger Original (see photo below) created in the 1950's. Parzinger was a German furniture designer who studied at the Munich School of Arts and Crafts, then eventually made his way to the United States. His reputation for luxurious furniture has created an audience of eager collectors and admirers.
While finding a Parzinger Original can be difficult, often when found, the price prohibits those with style from being able to afford such an eclectic look. However, take a look below at this dynamic piece from Worlds Away.
The Studly Buffet follows the Parzinger look and gives us modern design all over again.
Seen above in a room photo, this "commode" adds a certain flair to a room, without the 1st Dibs price. Now we can all have that vintage look!

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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Oliveira Textiles - Environmentally Friendly Fabrics

While perusing through my Traditional Home magazine, I came across this lovely company called Oliveira Textiles and had to share. The company was created by twin sisters Dawn Oliveira and Deborah Olson of Rhode Island who wanted to bring beautiful and healthful fabrics into the home.They use organically grown hemp and cotton fabrics printed with nontoxic dyes to create these high quality designs.
Their debut line is called The Ocean Collection and is inspired by the New England seacoast that they are surrounded by daily.
To bring this clean living into your home, check them out at

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